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A secret cult in need of her spirit, for an ancient ritual, has sent
their Chosen One to capture her, a dark virgin who delights in
teaching unwilling victims the pleasures of pain. The spirit
inhabiting Camillaís body is their key to unlocking hell and
unleashing a horde of demons into the human realm.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Camilla learns this first
hand on her journey through death and back again. Revenge isnít
always sweet and its bitterness lingers in the soul forever.
Dark Speculative Fiction is fun, a safe adrenaline
rush, a way to experience certain emotions one
wouldn't normally be able to experience in a
controlled environment. Some call it horror.
But others would argue that horror is not a genre,
rather, it is an emotion which can be found in
various genres.

Readers won't find romance here. Nor light-hearted
girls skipping through flowers. Readers will find
dark humor, the macabre, the sinister. Readers will
discover villains they love to hate, heroes they hate
to love. Horror, terror, these are emotions one will
find, one will feel. "Horror [is] rooted in sympathy,
after all, in understanding what it would be like to
suffer the worst."-Joe Hill: Heart-Shaped Box.

"It's only in the face of horror that you truly find your
noblest self."-The Angel Gabriel: Constantine. And
humans can be so noble when pushed to their
limits. What events could draw out the noblest of us
all? What series of events would make one
plummet over the brink of insanity, losing oneself in
its depths? The work here explores these
questions. It delves into the fabric of our humanity,
seeking to discover the nerve which makes us feel
most intensely.

If you enjoy character driven work, if you enjoy
disturbing stories that may, at times, induce a
physical reaction (if not, at least psychological), if
you enjoy staying up late, afraid to turn off the lights
for fear of what may be lurking in your
shadows-then you've come to the right place.

Check out the publications page for a list of my
published work. Read my excerpt and let me know
what you think. I enjoy honesty, so please, be
honest. Take a gander at My Mad Ravings in the
More tab. And, for more incredible work from some
very talented writers, and for some sites that will
give you more of what you crave, check out my
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Playing in the Dark
Removed from the general public,
high in the outskirts of the city of
Corners, Oregon, The Sanitarium
houses the criminally insane.
Something sinister beats at the
heart of Sanitarium. Something
seeping through the walls. If the
inmates weren't crazy before they
were committed, they are now.

Sanitarium explores the depths
of human emotion, the intensity
of insanity, and blurs the lines
between real and imagined threats.
The characters are haunted by
themselves as much as the
spirits around them.
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I am a writer of the macabre and an active member
of the Horror Writers Association and International
Thriller Writers.

I reside in Northern California with my husband who
has supported my ambitions and has encouraged me
every step of the way, my daughter who makes me
smile all the time, and my two hyper dogs who like to
rest their heads on the keyboard when I sit to write.

I am the author of Sanitarium and Women Scorned.
There are many other novels locked in my brain that
I permit to see the sun, but only one at a time.

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WOMEN SCORNED is now available!
(both in Paperback and Nook versions)
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My Campfire and More!: . . . (from 11/7/12 . . . BAD Webmaster!)
After hosting my first campfire reading of Women Scorned and some of
my other writings, I realized how much I love what I do. Scaring the crap
out of my readers thrills me in a way
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Breaking Thresholds:
Donovan's dreams are somehow linked to a man who calls himself
The Monster Hunter. Forced to witness torture and murder, Donovan
fights against the narcolepsy plunging him into sleep. He chases
The Monster Hunter through a nightmare world in an attempt to
sever the link and stop the killing. But the killer won't stop in his
quest to rid the world of monsters. Donovan must face the horrors of
his past to find the killer and end his torment.
This site is regularly updated, so check back often for more details.